Derpy's Days Of Giving 2013 Day 4

Welcome back to another day of interview! Heres what I got for you today!
Question #10
Derpy: Do you plan on writing more books?

Gard: I’m always writing something. And it’s always different. Hopefully my publisher will give me the chance to share them.
Question #11
Derpy: What’s your favorite genre to write?

Gard: I like funny or clever stuff about the end of the world, or about young people who prove that determination is the key to everything. Is there a name for that?
Question #12
Derpy: Would you like to see a Game Slaves movie some day?

Gard: As long as they let me play a minion. I used to want to be the Star Wars Stormtrooper who got shot in every scene.
Question #13
Derpy: Have any funny stories about writing?

Gard: I’ve been really lucky. I was a journalist in the ski industry for a long time. I got to travel and meet crazy people. What’s funny is I got paid to do that.
Thats all for today, but I promise I have more coming tomorrow, same place, same time. See you then. Thanks for reading! : )
Gard Skinner


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