The Spectacular Lynne Matson Interview Day 5

Hey y'all! It's good to see you back! I have 4 more questions and answers from Lynne Matson today. So here they are!
Question 17
Derpy: How much do you write on a weekly basis?

Lynne: I write EVERY DAY. Whether it's a blog post, an interview, revisions or a fresh words in a work-in-progress…but I always write every day (except holidays. I'm not that crazy. :D At least I hope not. lol).
Question 18
Derpy: Who makes the cover art?

Lynne: My publisher had a cover designer in Marketing that did my cover. I'm so grateful, because I LOVE it!

Question 19
Derpy: Whats your favorite part of writing a book?

Lynne: The thrill of that first draft, when the story is all coming together for the first time.
Question 20
Derpy: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Lynne: Dream big, write what you love, and persevere. : )

Well, thats all for today folks! But Maybe if you check back tommorow you might find more?....

To check out Lynne's Blog click here, for FaceBook click here, for Twitter click here, for her GoodReads click here, to pre-order NIL click here or here and to read my review of NIL click here!

Lynne Matson


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