The Spectacular Lynne Matson Interview Day 7

Well thanks for coming for our last and final day of The Spectacular Lynne Matson Interview. I actually have 7 questions and answers for you today! I hope you have enjoyed. But heres the rest of the interview.
Question 25
Derpy: What are some of your favorite movies?

Lynne: I read more books than I see movies. But I loved Catching Fire (just saw that) and one of my all time favorites is The Shawshank Redemption.
Question 26
Derpy: What do you do first when you write?

Lynne: I start at the beginning…or at least where I think the beginning is at that moment.
Question 27
Derpy: Do you have anything else in the works?

Lynne: YES! *lips sealed* :)
Question 28
Derpy: NIL 2?????

Lynne: Right now, no sequel is planned. Sometimes I think I might pick the story up again from Rives point of view, but for now, NIL is a stand-alone novel.
Question 29
Derpy: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Lynne: Dream big, write what you love, and persevere. : )
Question 30
Derpy: What is the toughest part of writing a book?

Lynne: Honestly? Finishing it. It's hard to finish one book when another shiny new idea pops into your head. The key is to FINISH.

Well thank you all for reading, I really do appreciate it. And hopeful just for you I will have another interview for the month of February! Also check for my book review of Divided We Fall below this!

To check out Lynne's Blog click here, for FaceBook click here, for Twitter click here, for her GoodReads click here, to pre-order NIL click here or here and to read my review of NIL click here!
Lynne Matson


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