The Spectacular Lynne Matson Interview! Day 1

Hello all you awesome readers, today marks the first of seven parts of my interview with Lynne Matson! She is the author of my favorite book of the year, NIL! So lets get into the interview!
Question #1
Derpy: When you were growing up did you think you were going to be a writer?

Lynne: Not a writer, exactly. But I LOVED books, so I knew whatever I did when I grew up would involve books. First I became a lawyer (LOTS of books…not the kind I'd expected as a kid!) and now I write for teens. This job is WAY more fun. : )
Question #2
Derpy: What are some good tips for when you get writers block?

Lynne: Keep writing, no matter how hard it is. And READ. Books are a writer's best friends--they can pull you out of a slump.
 Question #3
Derpy: How do you spend your free time?

Lynne: Playing with my kids (I have 4 boys), paddle boarding, hanging with friends, going to concerts, and of course, READING!
Question #4
Derpy: Why should people choose your book to read?

Lynne: Because it would make me the happiest author on the planet?! lol Seriously, NIL is for people who like thrillers--think SURVIVOR meets LOST, with a dash of THE MAZE RUNNER and a little swoon. And a twist like THE TWILIGHT ZONE too.

Everything that Lynne said in question 4 is correct. That is why I chose NIL to be my  favorite book of 2013, it has some of my favorite TV shows (Lost, Survivor, The Twilight Zone) and one of my favorite book series (The Maze Runner). NIL was all of that wrapped in one amazing book!

To check out Lynne's Blog click here, for FaceBook click here, for Twitter click here, for her GoodReads click here, to pre-order NIL click here or here and to read my review of NIL click here!

Lynne Matson



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